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Discover what’s Underneath

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Follow your Passion, your Purpose, your Path… and your DREAMS

Hello and Welcome

We are Karla & Liz, the dynamic duo behind Unearthed.

When we get together, magic happens.

Ancestors, ancient light beings, spirits of the land and divine consciousness channels through us.

We offer unique experiences of channelling light language, codes and sounds formulated specifically for those present (human/land/animal).

The name Unearthed was also channelled through. We are fulfilling a destiny greater than us – one that we’re yet to fully comprehend.

Our offerings are divinely guided.

Should you feel the call, we would love to connect and be of service to you.

Unearthed Experiences

One on One Session

In Person or Remote

A specialised session working one on one with you and your guidance team to Unearth what’s really going on underneath. We can help clear and cleanse your body/mind/soul/space to clean up what no longer serves you so you can refill, recharge and shine bright again.

 $150 per session


Group Session

Channelled by Us… For YOU

Experience the gift of receiving unique codes, language & sound formulated specifically for your body/mind/soul. All you need to do is turn up, relax and receive.

In Person: 1st & 3rd Friday’s of the month, 6.30pm in Mundaring, Western Australia.

By donation

Max 5 people per session


Payment can be made in person with cash, or direct deposited into our account:
BSB – 633 000
Account – 188 229 785

Ready to Experience an Unearthed Session?

We’re currently taking bookings via email and would love to arrange a suitable time with you:


The Unearthed experience with Karla and Liz was exactly what I needed and so much more than I expected. Laying with our heads in a circle, Karla and Liz instantly transported me to a place that felt deep in ancient wisdom and energy, through their guided song and message from spirit. Years of meditation have never allowed me such a deeply spiritual experience, thank you ladies for sharing your incredible gift.

50 year old Female - in person group session

From the moment I walked into the space that had been prepared with care by Karla and Liz I felt welcomed and relaxed. As I lay down on the mat I felt a deepening relaxation before the session had even begun. As the journey began my mind became still and receptive. The voice work called through experiences of connection with land, trees and the ancestor spirits and allowed a free flowing sharing of wisdom from these elementals. As the sound journey continued I experienced waves of releasing and activations, leading into a deeper, timeless state of awareness beyond the mind. It was only when the journey came to a conclusion that I became aware of how deeply I had travelled, as I slowly floated back to the surface. I emerged feeling calm, centred and grounded, and came away from the experience refreshed and with much gratitude. Karla and Liz hold the sacred space impeccably and share their work with reverence and respect. It was a blessing to have the opportunity to share in their beautiful offerings. Thank you! 

37 year old Male - in person group session

Where to start. In following my own flow recently I came across an ad on Facebook offering an opportunity to experience an Unearthed Session with Liz and Karla. I booked eagerly for the first available, but as fate intended, attended the second session. I had misread and thought I was attending a one on one session, but as it turned out it was a group. So many beautiful outcomes from meeting with this beautiful and engaged group of women for a start! I was greeted with enthusiasm at the door by one of our hosts, Karla and made to feel welcome, at ease and almost celebrated straight away. A good amount of time was taken before the session commenced to make sure we were all introduced, orientated as to where amenities were as well as physically comfortable. We were encouraged to ask questions and got underway as soon as all were settled.
I have to say this was .. possibly the most grounding, enriching and invigorating event I have attended. Ever!!!! The energy in the room was palpable as Liz and Karla commenced… I knew or sensed magic was about to happen… and it did. During the session I experienced what felt to me to be Trible light language, energetic shifts, clearing, healing, clairvoyant as well as claircognizant communication with myself, beautiful knowing that I have not encountered previously. Interactions with spirit I have been waiting for my whole life occurred, uplifting and stunning me a little!! Since attending the Unearthed Session with Karla and Liz… My knowing of who I am, my acceptance of and confidence in this knowing have not only come to the forefront but magnified. It is suggested that I have ADD….. for the first time in my life, the next morning I still felt grounded… as though I’d come home and as such able to experience… laying still, in body and mind. It makes me emotional to type this… as I don’t recall feeling this previously. I am hoping that the complete faith I have in the Unearthed team is being conveyed through my words… I couldn’t recommend, If you are called, following your heart and soul to these women, highly enough!!!!
41 year old Female - in person group session

Both hosts were very welcoming.
The room felt like it was lovingly set up. 
I was pleased that Karla had felt pulled to bring feathers along. As I had too but couldn’t find mine so that made me feel connected.
Even though I hadn’t met anyone I  the room (participants or hosts) it felt like a safe space. which is important to me.  And also safe in not having any expectations.
Eyes closed. Music started.  I felt like I was being drawn into a space of storytelling. And that is what happened.  Not in English. But in languages unknown to my conscious ear but known at my soul level. 
Throughout the time differing musics and instruments and languages were heard and felt. All felt ancient.
I had single words flow into my mind to guide me, and sensations through my body.
I came out of the time feeling relaxed, nurtured and cared for.
In the sharing after, everyone seemed to have had different experiences,  heard , felt , seen different things. Each person’s experience seemed unique.
The words that came to me in  that time have been coming up consistently in the weeks that followed. I just have to remember to listen!
51 year old Female - in person group session

My experience of hearing voices and seeing horrific visions of very dark energy around me had been happening for 2 years. While I am strong, I knew this needed some extra help.  I had, had enough. I contacted Karla and Liz and told them exactly what I was experiencing. Karla and Liz both have extensive experience  in cutting cords and removing deep ancestral karmic ties and knew exactly what I needed. I can vouch that within 3-4 days I have a new clear mindset, an expanded view of my current reality and have been cleared of dark energy in the most beautiful way.  These ladies are the real deal and I can’t thank them enough for helping me. So much love to both of them for a job very well done. I am free, I am  empowered, I am moving on to live my best life. Thanks ladies. Xxx

Female - one on one session

I don’t think the english language has the words to describe my experience with Unearthed. You cant put words to it, you have to experience it. You have to let your whole body be submerged under the sounds coming from the souls of Karla and Liz and then let it touch you in every possible fibre in your body, from your breathing to your nervous system, and once you surrender, then your soul can receive. What I received, is beyond what I can put in words. The incredible love and tender healing that I felt for my weary body and the longing parts of my soul has been felt all through the following days. I know now why I cant get words to explain it for there is no words for the language of the soul, just experiences. 

Its was intimate, and very unique. 

Female - in person group session

I entered the space feeling quite nervous and not knowing what to expect ….but my worries soon subsided with the warm welcome I instantly received from the girls . 
I was overjoyed to find the room set up so beautifully with care and purpose , which In turn made me feel I was in safe hands 🙌🏽 
All the comforts of blankets etc to ensure a warm and comfortable experience.
Once all settled in and breathing deeply I sunk into a very relaxing feeling , I felt held and safe the whole time … it really was some much needed time out for me with sound medicine / healing and meditation 🧘🏼‍♀️ 
It was Pure delight to experience the beautiful sounds of light language /activations … my favourite bit … and the drum vibrating through my body … shaking out and realigning energy 🥁 
Once we came back into our bodies and the space it was nice to share our experiences and have a cuppa to allow our minds, bodies and spirits to slowly come too before stepping back out into the hustle n bustle of real/ earthly life . Thank you so much beautiful Women … it was a lovely experience indeed 🥰
40 year old Female - in person group session

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I am grateful you were able to do the online zoom unearthed session with me last night. 
I had the best sleep I’ve had in a long time after the session, waking up ready to start the day, when normally I’m already thinking about when I can go back to bed.. 
There is also a peacefulness in my 10 year old son, who could hear the session in the next room. Which I really appreciate. 
The session was very powerful for me, feeling strong sensations throughout my whole body as soon as the session started. 
The sensations started in my forehead where my thoughts were zooming around in the beginning. The thoughts quickly calmed and flowed smoothly. 
The sensations then moved down to my stomach, lower back and later down the backs of my legs. I could feel the tension lifting allowing a deeper relaxation. 
Once my body was more comfortable and relaxed my thoughts became clearer. 
I am still processing the thoughts and visions which came to me. I had one very clear image which I hope to understand, but if not that’s ok too. It will become clearer when the time is right.
What was clearest to me was how much guilt I have been holding for others’ actions. Once I could acknowledge this my heart became lighter and I could feel my heart become more open. I have  been withdrawing into myself while unable to cope with feeling overwhelmed. Now I feel ready and willing to move forward, releasing the fear which has been draining.
I’ve recognised it doesn’t matter what direction I take, I can adapt as I move forward and flow with it. Try to prevent getting or feeling stuck in one position. 
I was pleasantly surprised with the intensity of the session online. Previously I have been to sound meditations, which I’ve loved, and didn’t realise it would work as well online. 
Thank you Karla and Liz.
Good luck with your journey. I encourage everyone to try a session/many sessions with these lovely ladies. A beautiful way to connect and gain clarity. 
46 year old Female - one on one remote session via Zoom

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